Meet Stana, an Israeli living on the Gaza border

What would it be like to have bombs falling like rain in your neighborhood? What would it be like to learn that the enemy not only attacks from above, but also emerges from below, like messengers from Hell, who may pop up out of the ground anywhere, anytime. And kill you. Here’s a small window into what it’s like. A young Israeli woman by the name of Stana has made an incredibly compelling 9-minute video where she speaks of life living with terror as well as the sorrow she feels for civilian casualties in Gaza. Sitting on a swing in the shade beneath a tree, she talks in an articulate and unassuming way about what it is like dealing with a barrage of rockets falling from the sky, not knowing when one might hit you. Incredibly, there was not an Iron Dome in the area where she lives until just a few weeks ago. And so she and others had been running away from rockets; running into doorways and bathrooms for cover as bombs fall around them. And she speaks of...(Read Full Post)