Holder to the Supreme Court?

It may appear a lateral move. Ginsberg out, Holder in. But how many unwelcome foreign objects can the Supreme Court “punch bowl” take. Holder could be a floater in that bowl, and likely to be a lifetime one at that.

Words fail in attempting to depict the Congressional committee stonewalling, the selective law enforcing, the New Black Panther sponsoring, the state suing, and the document redacting attorney general of this administration. “We are all cowards” he says, but if you mention race, well…you know what you are don’t you?

Witness the fact that you rarely saw Holder and Obama together. Additionally, Obama was always at double arms length from the Holder decision making and agenda implementation. Absent were the questions from responsible journalists that might ask the President, “do you support the actions of your Attorney General?”

Holder and Obama are bedfellows, but the imagery has been well handled to conceal the umbilical chord that connects their shared ideology. Don’t even need a dog whistle here.  Obama knows two things about Holder: he will do what Obama agrees with, and Holder could be politically radioactive. Hence the distancing, but so alive is the curious shared despising of our nation.

If the Republicans were clever, the impeachment efforts should not have ever been directed at Obama, but at Holder. He stonewalled all those Congressional investigations, he refused to inspect all that needed to be inspected. He was so confused on dates and letters during the Fast and Furious, still unresolved, fiasco. 

But more importantly, to impeach Holder is to impeach someone whom the Obama low information voter has no knowledge. The impact would be a sharp blow to this administration, but the media could not concoct the outrage or national distraction argument that would certainly have accompanied an Obama impeachment attempt.

The Marc Rich wheel greasing, Yemeni terrorist defending, State suing, redacting and stonewalling Eric Holder might very well be the next installation into the Supreme Court.

In his bag, Mr. Holder carries a slew of animosities.  Does good judgment coexist with the behavior and decision making we have seen so far? Hardly.

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