Don't look now but ObamaCare's troubles are starting again

We've been focusing a lot on President Obama's foreign policy, from Ukraine to Libya to Syria to Iraq to Israel and Iran.

However, get ready for ObamaCare to make a return engagement to our front pages, and politics as well.

Sally Pipes posted some numbers yesterday that won't make Democrats happy, especially those in tight elections:

"Get ready to pay more for health insurance next year, compliments of Obamacare.   

A new analysis from PricewaterhouseCoopers projects that average premiums for policies sold through Obamacare’s exchanges will increase 7.5 percent in 2015.   

In nearly one-third of the 29 states that PwC investigated, premiums will rise by double digits. In Indiana, the average increase will be 15.4 percent. In Kansas, it’s 13.6 percent. Florida’s insurance commissioner says premiums are set to climb 13.2 percent."

It's interesting but the critics of ObamaCare have turned out to be right:

1) The people who signed up were older and sicker.  At the same, the young just didn't show up;

2) President Obama's promises of "lower premiums" just isn't going to happen; and,

3) ObamaCare's regulations, taxes, mandates and subsidies are distorting the marketplace and raising costs.

So we can say this morning that Iraq may not be President Obama's biggest headache in the near term.

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