(Dis) Proportionality

These days the world seems obsessed with the idea of proportionality. It’s the latest buzzword used to condemn Israel. But here’s the thing. No one speaks about proportionality when it comes to cries heard around the world for: “Death to the Jews!” or “Jews back to the ovens!”  Is there any other group where calls for their demise are heard hourly? Daily? Even weekly? How about monthly? I don’t think so. Millions upon millions are calling for genocide against a tiny tribe of people who comprise .18% of the world’s population. It seems that 1/5th of 1% are still too many Jews for a lot of people to tolerate. They’re aiming for the number to be zero. And a lot of folks on the sidelines feigning innocence (the media comes to mind) are complicit in supporting those who overtly call for genocide against the Jewish people by, among other things, talking about proportionality. So for those concerned about...(Read Full Post)