(Dis) Proportionality

These days the world seems obsessed with the idea of proportionality. It’s the latest buzzword used to condemn Israel.

But here’s the thing. No one speaks about proportionality when it comes to cries heard around the world for: “Death to the Jews!” or “Jews back to the ovens!” 

Is there any other group where calls for their demise are heard hourly? Daily? Even weekly? How about monthly? I don’t think so.

Millions upon millions are calling for genocide against a tiny tribe of people who comprise .18% of the world’s population. It seems that 1/5th of 1% are still too many Jews for a lot of people to tolerate. They’re aiming for the number to be zero.

And a lot of folks on the sidelines feigning innocence (the media comes to mind) are complicit in supporting those who overtly call for genocide against the Jewish people by, among other things, talking about proportionality.

So for those concerned about proportionality, I have a question. Does it seem proportionate for there to be a daily call for every last Jew to be massacred?

And speaking of proportion, does it seem proportional that the Jewish people have a small strip of land in the desert – a strip of land they inhabited for thousands of years – while surrounded by hostile neighbors?

While on the topic of proportionality, what of the deaths of Israelis in southern Israel who live with rockets shooting at them around the clock? Their day is filled with “Red Alert!” calls when they have a few seconds to run to the nearest shelter. And as the rockets fall, there is massive damage to property including homes that are destroyed. There is psychological damage as people, including large numbers of children, try to go about their daily lives as bombs fall from the sky. With multiple “Red Alerts!” announced throughout the day and panic-stricken bolting for shelter, some don’t make it. Murdered by a rocket. Because they were Jews.

A daily barrage of rockets shot at Jews vs. Jews who are simply trying to live their lives. Where is the proportion in that?

And where are media reports? Where are photographs and videos of Israelis running for their lives repeatedly throughout the day? Where is the coverage of Israelis crouching against any solid surface they can find to protect themselves against rocket fire? Where is the coverage of Israeli homes bombed out, massive holes ripped through the ceilings, cars destroyed? Where is the coverage of injured babies, frightened children, and traumatized families? How would those who yammer on and on about proportionality justify the proportionality of a rain of rockets aimed at Jews because they are Jews.  

And why, in 2010, was there no discussion of proportionality when the Mavi Marmara flotilla set sail from Turkey to Israel to run a blockade? The ship carrying jihadists and was chock full of deadly weapons. The IDF boarded the ship with paintball guns. Sabers, knives, ropes, ice picks, clamps, chains, and wooden bats vs. paintball guns. Proportional?

Or what about when nearly every member of the Fogel family was murdered in their sleep simply because they were Jews. Jihadists armed with knives snuck into the house and murdered both parents and nearly all of their children, including their 3-month-old baby sleeping who was sleeping next to her father. The baby was decapitated. Armed adults against a tiny baby. Proportional?

And what of the Chabad House massacre in Mumbai? Jihadists overwhelmed the rabbi, his wife, and many other Israelis. The murders were extraordinarily barbaric and gruesome. Crazed, armed jihadists against innocent civilians going about their day. Proportional?

And how about when Israel released 1,027 prisoners (nearly a third of whom were serving life sentences for planning and/or perpetrating terrorist acts against Israelis) in order to gain freedom for Galid Shalit? Proportional

Regrettably, I could go on and on. But you get the gist.

On the subject of Israel and Jews, there is one thing, and only one thing, that is out of proportion: Jew hatred around the world.

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