Best for facts to be given by impartial observers...

Why does The Washington Post quote the UN as if they are an impartial observer in the Gaza war? For example, in "Fatalities in Gaza prompt scrutiny of US weapons sales to Israel"(8/24/14) the UN is quoted as saying that "nearly three-fourths the dead" in Gaza are civilians.

Interestingly, the UN doesn't deny that Gaza's rockets have been stored in UN facilities, having been caught in the act on more than one occasion. The UN has even returned those rockets to Hamas, the terrorist regime in Gaza. This week, a 4-year-old Israeli was killed by mortar fire Israel states came from near a UN school. Does this seem impartial?

UN officials in Gaza are mostly Palestinian. Palestinians who speak out against Hamas in their campaign to demonize Israel run the risk of being killed as collaborators. Just this week, 18 so-called collaborators were executed publicly in cold blood. To say that UN officials are highly motivated to say whatever Hamas wants is an understatement. They must say that casualties are civilians or else. Recently, the NY Times, the BBC and even Al Jazeera have pointed out that a disproportionate number of those killed in Gaza are male of fighting age, casting suspicion on the UN stats.

Given all this, why does The Washington Post continue to report UN statistics as if they are credible? They are not.

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