Au revoir, France

If you ever doubted the direction France is headed, you need doubt no more.

The headline reads: “One in six French people say they support ISIS”

Holy halal cow! That’s a lot of people (and I use that term loosely).

So much for the narrative of the “moderate Muslim.” Apparently, there are violent Muslims who seek world domination. And there are a whole lot of other Muslims who don’t behave in an overtly violent way (yet), but who support those who do.

Per the article linked above:

…the big, scary, surprising, number here is France: 16 percent of those surveyed say they support ISIS. That's an awful lot. And that number gets even larger as the demographics get younger….

This is alarming, in part because a growing number of Europeans, often from predominantly Muslim immigrant communities, are not just expressing their support for ISIS in polls: they are traveling to Syria and Iraq to join up. The ISIS fighter who killed American journalist James Foley on video last week spoke with a strong London accent. European governments are rightly worried about the implications of this for their own national security.

But here comes the media malpractice kicker, as the article continues:

But there's more going on here. It's no secret that far-right politics have been on the rise in Western Europe, which includes a growing willingness to embrace extremism and greater intolerance of all kinds. It is ironic but by no means impossible that far-right Islamophobia would rise in Europe alongside a greater approval of the Islamist group ISIS. Extremism is often reactive and ideologically contradictory.

Excuse me. If I may just interject a wee bit of truth here. I really do hate to inconvenience anybody, but uh, it’s not “far-right politics” driving this. It’s the left! It’s the left that has formed an unholy alliance with Islam.

So to the writer of this article: You can stop trying to twist yourself into a pretzel to force the fit of your non-facts and non-logic. No need not scratch your head and wonder how the far right is driving this number while at the same time noting the irony of the right being Islamophic and well, um, but, well “extremism is often reactive and ideologically contradictory.”

Nice try, dhimmi.

Oh, and if you don’t mind, could you stop calling people who are speaking the truth about Islam “Islamaphobic?” It’s the relentless false narrative like this that fuels the very problem you’re reporting on.

OK. Now, back to actual facts.

Per the Gatestone Institute, as of 2012, Muslims comprised the majority of the 100,000 applications for French citizenship each year. The report is well worth reading in full. Here are a few highlights:

Opinion surveys show that to voters in France -- home to an estimated 6.5 million Muslims, the largest Muslim population in the European Union -- Islam and the question of Muslim immigration have emerged in 2012 as a top-ranked public concern. The French, it seems, are increasingly worried about the establishment of a parallel Muslim society there. (snip)

In February, the Persian Gulf Emirate of Qatar announced plans to invest €50 million ($65 million) in French suburbs, home to more than one million disgruntled Muslim immigrants. (snip)

Shortly before Qatar announced its plans to invest in France, Qatari Emir Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa al-Thani, who has long cultivated an image as a pro-Western reformist and modernizer, vowed to "spare no effort" to spread the fundamentalist teachings of Wahhabi Islam across "the whole world."

The promotion of Islamic extremist ideologies -- particularly Wahhabism, which not only discourages Muslim integration in the West, but actively encourages jihad against non-Muslims -- threatens to further radicalize Muslim immigrants in France. (snip)

According to the France 2 documentary, French slaughterhouses produce far more halal meat than is needed to serve the 6.5 million Muslims who live in France. The documentary reported that roughly 30% of all the meat produced in France is halal, while the Muslim population in France makes up approximately 7% of the total French population.

To avoid the costs associated with running separate production lines for halal and non-halal customers, French slaughterhouses are selling the remaining halal meat as non-halal….

In March, a 23-year-old Islamic jihadist named Mohamed Merah confirmed the threat of homegrown Muslim terrorism in France when, on March 11, he killed three French paratroopers, three Jewish schoolchildren and a rabbi with close-range shots to the head. Merah, a French citizen of Algerian origin, filmed himself carrying out the attacks to "verify" the deaths. He later died in a storm of gunfire on March 22 after a 32-hour standoff with police at his apartment in the southern French city of Toulouse. (snip)

In May, Muslims determined the outcome of the French presidential elections. An analysis of the voting patterns that barreled François Hollande to victory on May 6 as the first Socialist president of France since 1995 showed this was due in large measure to Muslims, who voted for him in overwhelming numbers.

According to a survey of French voters conducted by the polling firm OpinionWay for the Paris-based newspaper Le Figaro, an extraordinary 93% of French Muslims voted for Hollande. By contrast, the poll showed that only 7% of French Muslims voted for the incumbent, Nicolas Sarkozy.

An estimated two million Muslims participated in the 2012 election, meaning that roughly 1.7 million Muslim votes went to Hollande rather than to Sarkozy. In the election as a whole, however, Hollande won by only 1.1 million votes. This figure indicates that Muslims cast the deciding votes which thrust Hollande into the Élysée Palace.

During the campaign, Hollande had offered an amnesty to all of the estimated 400,000 illegal Muslim immigrants currently in France. He also pledged to change French electoral laws so that Muslim residents without French citizenship would be allowed to vote in municipal elections as of 2014. These measures, if implemented, would enable the Socialist Party to tighten its grip on political power, both at the regional and national levels.

As the politically active Muslim population in France continues to swell, and as most Muslims vote for Socialist and leftwing parties, conservative parties will find it increasingly difficult to win future presidential elections in France.

And those are the sad facts, among a multitude of others.

So, to recap:

  • Muslims comprise 6.5% of the population in France. (This minority wreaks a lot of havoc, no?)
  • They are “disgruntled.” (What’s new?)
  • The terror state of Qatar is investing massive amounts of money in France. (What could go wrong?)
  • One if six people in France support ISIS. (Gee, I wonder what the demographics of that group are?)
  • French Muslims voted in droves for a socialist president. (Got that Author of the First Article trying to spin the facts to end in up 180 degrees from the truth?)
  • Oh, and that burger you’re eating. It’s halal. (Hey, wait, didn’t the label say non-halal?)

I often say that Israel’s future is our future. But I could just as easily say the same about France. Her future is also ours if we are not careful about Muslim immigration and if we continue down the path of dhimmitude. Unfortunately, these seem to go hand-in-hand with the fundamental transformation of America.