Amazing: Finnish reporter tells the truth on rockets fired from Gaza hospital and then complains when pro-Israel media mention it

Most of the world’s media have dedicated themselves to a narrative fiction that innocent Gazans are being cruelly slaughtered by callous Israelis. When information leaks out that challenges this narrative, they respond with anger, often attempting to cover-up the disclosures.

Some of this may be due to fear of retaliation from Hamas, but some, no doubt, is motivated by anti-Semitism, and peer pressure, as well as editorial policies handed down from the top of their organizations.

Consider the case of Finnish television correspondent Aishi Zidan. William Jacobson of Legal Insurrection reports:

We reported on the Finnish reporter who disclosed that there was rocket fire from just behind Gaza’s main hospital, Hamas hides in, under and around Gaza’s main hospital, and the media covers it up (Video):

Also, a rocket attack was conducted from the “backyard” of the hospital at 2 o’clock in the morning. It (the rocket launch), in fact, happened somewhere close by because the noise right here at the hospital area was really loud. Indeed, these rockets launched here from the Gazan side (of the border) are headed into Israel.

The bulk of Ms. Zidan’s report toed the Hamas line, but this disclosure also seeped in to her reporting. She became furious when she was quoted by pro-Israel media, as reported in the Blaze. Sharona Schwartz reports:

A correspondent covering the Gaza conflict for a Finnish media outlet reported seeing a rocket being launched from Gaza City’s main hospital, Shifa, but later lashed out at the pro-Israel media for its “disgusting” use of her report as a “propaganda weapon.”


Zidan took to Facebook this weekend, writing, “Don’t use me as your propaganda weapon.”

Noting the main purpose of her report was to cover the “Palestinian civilians who were victims of war,” Zidan wrote, “During the night someone launched a rocket somewhere behind the hospital. Now this sentence from my article is spreading in the pro-Israeli medias. I mentioned this in my article because I’m a professional journalist. I try to cover the events truthfully as I see them and I strongly condemn these kind of actions.”

“But I find it very disgusting how this one sentence was taken out context to be used as an excuse to target civilians in Gaza. My story became quickly a tool of propaganda. The people sharing this story are not even trying to understand the situation as a whole. They are just looking for excuses to Israeli actions in Gaza,” she added.

“I refuse to be part of this kind of propaganda,” she concluded.

Shifa Hospital where the rocket was launched is also where a Hamas rocket aimed at Israel fell short last week, slamming into the outpatient clinic, the Israel Defense Forces said, backing up its claim with aerial images showing the launch and impact points of the rocket. Hamas officials did not allow the media to take photographs of the impact area.

Here is her Facebook banner:

The extent of the media framing of the narrative into Gazans good/Israelis bad is also revealed by this MEMRI translation of an Arabic language (!) video from France 24 television (hat tip: The Blaze) where a reporter speaking from in front of Al Shifa Hospital, presented as the victim of Israeli attacks, is startled when rockets are launched from the site.  It is unintentionally hilarious, albeit it very grim.