Why didn't President Obama insist that Mexico attend the Central American summit?

Another day, another crisis and once again we yearn for leadership.

President Obama's meeting with 3 Central American presidents is like the manager visiting the mound but the pitcher is talking with the center fielder. 

How in the world can you discuss the "kids on the border" crisis without Mexico in the room?  After all, who turned the other way when thousands of kids rode the trains or buses to the US border?

It's incredible that President Obama didn't say:  "No Mexico, no meeting"!

Beyond the border crisis, there are opportunities for the US to work with Central America.  I'm not talking about foreign aid but a focus on the violence crippling these small countries.

First, we should admit that the violence is primarily drug-cartel and funded by our consumption of illegal drugs.  We send billions of dollars to these small economies every time we consume illegal drugs.   President Obama should be bluntly saying that to young people and the entertainment industry.

Second, President Obama should declare a regional emergency and offer US troops to operate jointly with local armies to fight cartels.  The cartels should be hit very hard in Central America, as they've been hit hard in Mexico.  

Overall, another day of "hope and change" but not the leadership we need to solve problems.


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