We just aren't doing enough...again

The oh so compassionate left would have you believe we need to do more.  We need to give away more to save the children of Central America.  To do so, however, would require borrowing more or just printing more.

Foreign Aid from the United States as slated for FY 2015:

El Salvador $27.6 Million

Mexico $136.7  Million

Honduras  $48.176  Million

Guatemala $77 Million

Clearly we, the American taxpayer, are not doing enough for Central America's children.  (So the left tells us.)

What is readily apparent is that this nation, and the American citizen, is already plowing millions upon millions of dollars into these four countries.  And for what?

We send these monies, hopefully, to assist children, among other purposes.  Why not insist, monitor, and demand that money sent to these countries be used at the very least for purposes that would give those counties' progeny's reasons for remaining in those countries?  Would it be "mean-spirited" to instruct that our largess be directed as we see fit?

In a world run by the pragmatic and able, the conditions of money received from us would be clear – crystal-clear.  It would certainly be prudent and reasonable to insist that the money be implemented to prevent problems for the U.S.  One such problem would be an exodus to our door.

Which raises the question: "Are the monies we send to these countries accounted for?"  But that is a different issue.  What is front and center is that those on the left who pour their emotions out to these children shipped to our doorstep, and declare that we aren’t doing enough, are oblivious to what we do each and every year.  The reason for our foreign aid should be revisited and defined.  Additionally, we should steer the money for purposes that we prefer.  One such purpose assuredly is to make those countries comfortable enough, safe enough, to encourage their nationals to remain.

The leaders of the countries mentioned visit the White House (except Mexico) and discuss the “children at the border” problem.  Did the president tell these men to "do better," as he told the Iraqi government?  Does the migration bother these "leaders," or are they just playing the part and holding out their hand for more "aid"?

Is it too much to ask for the nearly $350 million we cast to the winds in the direction of these countries annually?  No.  Tighten the ship up a little, and sail straight.  Let us be wise in our gifting and be certain that it achieves a goal that is at least remotely beneficial to the United States of America.