The unanswered question about Israel

Mainstream media reports biased against Israel are common and ever-growing. The West has lost its way with an Islamophile president sitting in the Oval Office and Europe collapsing under the weight of Muslim immigrants. Anti-Semitic protests around the world are getting larger, louder, and more violent by the day. And then there are the throngs of leftist Islamofascists who are not part of the media, who do not attend protests (yet), but who sit at home and sympathize with the message: Israel is to blame. Death to the Jews.

Last week, in response to voices screaming for the demise of the Jewish state, the IDF created an image of rockets headed directly for London. And in the center of the image written in big block letters is the following question: “What would you do?”

Also last week, Pamela Geller posted a chilling piece titled, “What would we do?” The piece has photographs of the terror tunnels along with a photo-shopped image of armed terrorists emerging from tunnels in mid-town Manhattan. The images are surreal. So dark, evil, and impossible to imagine that your mind wants to look away.

Echoing the question of what one would do, an Australian blog called Jews Down Under recently featured a headline that read: “How many rockets would you tolerate?”

Put another way: Imagine an endless barrage of rockets shooting through the sky aimed at your town, your home, your family. Imagine armed terrorists emerging from tunnels in your back yard. They are there to kidnap and/or kill your entire family. Are these scenarios acceptable?

If yes, then you have confirmed the person is either a liar or insane. Or both.

If not, then ask them what they would do to make sure this could never happen.

With all the holier-than-thou pontificating on the part of the media (and others), I’ve yet to hear anyone answer the question. And I think the question needs to be asked. Though in one way the question of what one would do skirts around the heart of the matter which is: how many Jews need to die to satisfy the world?

I want to know. No beating around the bush. No diversions about proportionality. Just truthful answers. These questions should be put to every single person who rails against Israel until an answer is forthcoming.