Save the Middle Eastern Christians and Europe at the Same Time

European nations, including Italy, Croatia, Bulgaria and Lithuania, are having substantial depopulation problems.

In some places, the attempts were made to fill the labor and revenue gap by allowing in immigrants from Moslem countries -- Pakistan in the UK, North Africa and Turkey elsewhere -- with the results we see today, as we watch Paris and its environs periodically aflame and central London hamstrung by anti-Semitic demonstrations.

At the same time hundreds of thousands of Christians in the Middle East are being butchered and expelled by Islamists. 

A Desperate Cry from Iraq's Christians  

Bishop Habash said, “Christians throughout the Middle East have been targeted, and we are on the verge of being exterminated. The West stepped in to stop the ethnic cleansing of Bosnian Muslims and Kosovar Muslims, so we know it can be done. The West must step in now and save the Middle East’s Christians, or we will be wiped out.”

It is shocking how little outcry there has been against this from the usual NGO’s, UN agencies, media and religious groups. Even the US Bishops seem to have remained mum, although the Pope recently spoke out against this shameful treatment.

It’s time Europe opened its door to these true refugees from persecution and we and others helped to facilitate saving these beleaguered people from destruction. It’s time to acknowledge that multiculturalism is suicide and western civilization needs our help to survive.

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