Report: 2/3 of illegal alien children applying for asylum receive it

A report by the House Judiciary Committee reveals that 65% of illegal alien children who apply for asylum recieve it virtually immediately - without requring the child to appear before a judge.

The report also shows that at least 70% of asylum requests are fraudulent.

Washington Times:

According to the Judiciary Committee’s numbers, 65 percent of unaccompanied children’s asylum applications are approved by the initial asylum officer so far in 2014. Even those who are refused can ask for an appeal, which means the total number who end up staying, with government permission, is likely to be higher.

That figure doesn’t include the others who never apply for asylum and try to disappear into the shadows, or who spend years in the country awaiting court dates.

“President Obama’s refusal to crack down on rampant asylum fraud is one of the many reasons we are witnessing a surge of Central Americans seeking to enter the U.S. illegally at the border,” said Rep. Robert Goodlatte, Virginia Republican and chairman of the Judiciary Committee.

The Obama administration and congressional Republicans have sparred over the reasons why children and families from Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala are surging across the border right now. Mr. Obama argues they are fleeing violence and poverty, while the GOP says Mr. Obama’s lax enforcement policies have enticed them to come.

Smugglers have told Central Americans that if they can get to the U.S. border, they will be processed and released into the interior of the country, where they can disappear into the shadows.

Republicans say if the U.S. could show that illegal immigrants will be turned back at the border or quickly deported, fewer will attempt the journey.

It's unknown how many of these kids apply for asylum. With those kinds of numbers, you would expect the adults who are now advising these kids would almost certainly urge them to apply. We've already learned that 97% of illegal aliens who receive a notice to appear before a judge ignore the order. Combine that with those who get asylum and you can see why the overwhelming majority of these kids are never going back.