Protesting Democrat Policy is Now a Hate Crime

First, the civil disobedience incident of an outhouse parade float in Nebraska labeled “Obama Presidential Library” is investigated by the US Department of Justice as a potential hate crime.  Now, we hear of a second presumably horrible hate crime, this time in the deep blue state of Maryland.  Per the Carroll County Times:

Maryland State Police have classified anti-immigration graffiti spray painted on the former Army Reserve Center in Westminster as a hate crime.

The graffiti was sprayed sometime Saturday night or early Sunday morning, according to Lt. Patrick McCrory, commander of the state police Westminster barracks.  The graffiti said “NO ILLEAGLES [sic] HERE NO UNDOCUMENTED DEMOCRATS.”


McCrory said the graffiti was being considered a hate crime because of its racial message.

“This is definitely a racial, religious, ethnic incident,” McCrory said.

Hate crimes are considered a misdemeanor crime, punishable by up to three years in a prison and a $5,000 fine, according to the Maryland State Commission on Criminal Sentencing Policy.

I’m curious about where in the graffiti McCrory sees a “racial, religious, ethnic” hate crime.  Is it now illegal to say “illeagles”?  If I were the perpetrator’s defense attorney, I would claim he was protesting the housing of sick birds.

Perhaps the term “undocumented democrats” ruffled a few feathers in nearby DC.

George Orwell warned us that a ruthless, totalitarian government would use the prosecution of “thought crimes” as a weapon against its people to crush dissent in his book 1984.  Welcome to the “fundamentally transformed” America of 2014, where hate crimes are the new thought crimes, i.e. laws that can be used to imprison citizens for expressing ideas that are contrary to the current thinking of the regime in power.

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