President Obama looks like the guy in the office who gave his '2 weeks notice'

With all due respect to the office of the presidency, it looks to me more and more like President Obama turned in his "two weeks notice" and is looking forward to the next job.

To be fair, there is nothing wrong with switching jobs or getting frustrated with the difficulties of your current position.  My guess is that there were times in the Bush presidency when he'd wished that Gore had won the recount or times when Carter wished that he had never narrowly beaten Ford.

However, I don't recall President Bush, or President Carter or any other president, looking so bored, detached and just totally out of the game. What other conclusion can you come to after watching him last week? 

Even the "cultists" are not making excuses anymore!

If President Obama was a ball player the manager would bench him for being in a funk.  He might be sent down to the AAA league to get his confidence back!

Last week, a commercial plane was shot down and Israel went into Gaza.  Again, I am not expecting the US go to war over this but a little passion and interest is needed.

The world is watching as Clark S Judge wrote from London:

"The current White House doesn’t understand how US fecklessness in Syria can reverberate to Ukraine, and from there to the South China Sea, and the Americas, and Gaza and elsewhere in the Middle East.   

In all this I have referred to the United States as the primary shaper of world events, which is, in fact, a misleading shorthand. The US is not a superpower so much as the biggest player in a set of super-alliances, the most critical of which is with the UK. 

Since the Second World War, when the US and Britain have been of one mind, liberal values have been secure and even advanced. When either has lost its sense of direction, neither has been nearly so effective.   

The great danger in being the anchor to the global order is that when we lose our way the general peace itself is threatened. 

This is just what we are seeing in theatre after theatre around the world. Perhaps it is time for a key ally like Prime Minister David Cameron to have a friendly talk with the President. 

It is not just American interests that a flailing White House threatens. It is that of peoples everywhere."

Yes, it's time for serious Democrats, and a few GOP leaders, to get together and schedule a little private visit to the Oval Office.

Some one needs to tell President Obama that the world needs a serious man committed to the job, no matter how difficult it gets.

Perhaps President Obama should considering resigning and letting another person do the job. 

It sounds crazy to write these things about a man elected and reelected.  At the same time, the US is the world's quarterback.  Unfortunately, this QB doesn't have his head in the game and the team is suffering.


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