Practicing Unsupported Climate Alarmism in Portland

According to the Portland Business Journal, Hank Paulson was in Portland, Oregon on Friday practicing some climate alarmism.  The PBJ did an interview with Paulson, and the questions were all softballs.

The obvious and most important question was never asked of Paulson, and almost always never is when interviewing the alarmists: what indirect or direct financial benefits have you obtained, are you currently obtaining, or will you potentially obtain from any of your public statements regarding climate change?  Any interviewer who fails to ask this question – and print the full, unedited reply – is not conducting adequate due diligence as a journalist with respect to full disclosure by the interviewee.  And there has been a near complete journalism fail on climate change reporting for decades.

It is interesting that Paulson is in Oregon pronouncing on global warming, because this state has seen very little of it in recent decades.  The state's average temperature has absolutely no hint of an increasing trend over the past 30 years (the correlation is actually negative).  No significant trend in Oregon's maximum temperature, either, and the state's annual precipitation has no trend since 1895.  Where is this anthropogenic climate change Oregonians should be quivering under the bed over?

And anthropogenic climate change alarmism in Portland, of all places?  This region is the poster child for an unchanging climate over the past three decades – and, as always needs to be said, this is the period over which climate science experts tell us changes should be clearly evident, and during which time anthropogenic contributions to atmospheric greenhouse gas concentrations have increased most rapidly.

The Portland area has seen no significant trends in precipitation during any month, nor on an annual basis, for at least the past 30 years.  Nor have there been any significant trends in any monthly mean temperatures, nor the annual temperature, over this time-frame.  Also no significant trends in mean maximum or extreme maximum temperatures for any months, or the year as a whole.  Perhaps residents in Portland should ask Paulson where this climate change is that they should fear?

Lots of anthropogenic climate change alarmism in places like Portland, and no data provided by the alarmists to support it.  A common refrain we see repeated by the alarmists.