Pelosi goes delusional (again)

Warning: the video embedded below may cause your head to explode.

On CNN’s State of the Union, Candy Crowley recently interviewed Nancy Pelosi, asking her about concerns about the president’s leadership, or lack thereof.

“The president is taking a lot of criticism at this point for seeming to be sitting on the sidelines. He’s out fundraising and the whole world seems to be blowing up. And I know you were with him at a couple of these fundraisers. So, you know, the optics of this. And you know photo ops matter. Optics matter.”

Pelosi was utterly delusional in her stalwart defense of the president as she tried to peddle the notion that he has been very strong and involved on the world stage. Meanwhile Crowley seemed frustrated with him. Not because he’s gone off the rails, but because he doesn’t seem to be paying attention to “optics.”

Her comment about the importance of photo ops encapsulates so much of what the left is about. They are more concerned with images than actual substance. This is the essence of propaganda.


On a side note, while I agree the president is disengaged, I don’t think the world would be any better or any safer if he were engaged. With Obama, it’s a toss-up. And neither option is good.

Hat tip: Soopermexican