Jeh Johnson -- Using Poor Kids Just Like His Grandfather

Department of Homeland Security Secretary,Jeh Johnson is headed for the same scenario  his eugenicist grandfather warned against in a 1932 article printed in Margaret Sanger’s Birth Control Review.

Charles Spurgeon Johnson, the first black President of Fisk University and chairman of the executive committee of the communist affiliated Southern Regional Council, stated that “the same eugenic discrimination which applies to the whites is necessary with reference to selective fertility within the Negro group.” Otherwise, Dr. Johnson wrote, diseases like malaria, typhoid, and tuberculosis closely associated with poverty and low income could spread.

Ironically, almost a century later his grandson is welcoming tens of thousands of poor, sick, and illegal immigrant children and potential procreators into America.

Appearing on "Meet the Press", Jeh, named for a Liberian chief who supposedly saved his grandfather’s life in 1930, talked in circles when asked whether the Obama administration intended to deport the “Unaccompanied Alien Minors” back to Central America. Johnson said deportations are pending and his agency will “stem the tide”

Then he blamed  a hostile “band of individuals” in Murieta, California actually trying to stem the tide.This past week hundreds of Murrieta residents protested against the forced transport of illegal immigrant children to their community. On the other side of the demonstration were pro-illegal immigration groups shouting “Shame on you.”

One Murrieta citizen responded by saying “we are not racists or bigots… we’re stopping the government from putting them out on the streets… this is about resources not race.”

Host David Gregory put an ‘either-or’ question to Johnson at the end of the interview. The head of the DHS made it clear protecting our borders is not the first priority.

DAVID GREGORY: Is the priority, does it have to be that we've got to do right by these children? Or do we have to find a way to clamp down on the border?

SECRETARY JEH JOHNSON: Well, there's the issue. We have to do right by the children. I have personally encountered enough of them to know that we have to do right by the children.

Johnson continues his grandfather’s legacy of using “poor children” to further his progressive agenda. While he lives the good life on O street in Georgetown, he plays the guilt card on already financially strained towns with third-world kids as young as three. Jeh must have picked up some pointers from stories about the radicals on his family tree.

At one meeting of the Southern Regional Conference at their Atlanta headquarters in the 1950s, members of the group, which the deceased Johnson had championed, brought up the tactic of using women and children in racial demonstrations and incidents. They figured police would be “less likely to shoot” them.”

How is the Conference’s direct action civil rights strategy different from rounding up 60,000 children in Central America and sending them on a harrowing 1,000-mile trek to enter our country illegally, in order to force La Raza’s version of immigration reform -- namely, open borders. What’s next for this lawless administration? Will they stick AK-47’s in the youngsters’ hands and turn them into child soldiers?