Is Requiring Patrons To Dress Appropriately Racist?

It appears that even dress codes are racist. A Bar Louie in Minneapolis has implemented a dress code for its establishment. Some of the locals are suggesting that the dress code is racist and is an attempt to keep black people out of the establishment. One young woman interviewed on camera even compared it to Jim Crow. Why such hyperbole over a simple dress code? The restricted clothing are listed on sign in the window of the establishment that includes:

  • No Flat-Billed Hats
  • No Sleeveless Under Shirts
  • No Excessively Baggy Clothing
  • No Large Chains Worn Outside Of Shirt
  • No Long Plain White T-Shirts
  • No Athletic Apparel
  • No Sports Jerseys Unless Collared

To allege that the establishment is using the dress code as a means to keep black people from patronizing the bar is to suggest that only black people wear that type of clothing. It also suggests that black people do not have any other clothing except the type of clothing that is listed. What the individuals throwing out these claims of racist intent fail to realize is that nowhere on the sign does it say that individuals (regardless of race) who abide by the established dress code will not be allowed to enter.

What is wrong with an owner of an establishment trying to protect his or her investment from possible thug activities such as fights and shooting? There was a time not long ago that an individual would not even think about wearing such clothing into a place of entertainment. People used to put on their best attire for a night out on the town. It appears that some individuals are looking for racism under every rock.

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