Is America Too Far Gone?

A recent poll by The Pew Research Center is reporting that America is more divided than ever. According to the poll, 66% of consistently conservative Republicans think the Democrats’ policies threaten the nation’s well-being and half (50%) of consistently liberal Democrats say Republican policies jeopardize the nation’s well-being. With everything that is going on in our country, all Americans should be united. So, what is it that has us divided? The issues that we are facing effects all Americans on both sides of the political fencefrom foreign policy disasters, wide-open borders to the economy. First, I would like to know which Republican policies that Democrats think would jeopardize the nation. I will gladly admit that I am partisan to conservative policies because I know that when implemented, everyone benefits. During Ronald Reagan’s presidency, more people (black Americans in particular) moved up into the middle class. President Reagan won the Cold...(Read Full Post)