IDF Soldiers Killed in Booby-trapped UN Building

Why are US taxpayers sending a quarter billion dollars a year to a United Nations agency that shows every sign of cooperating with Hamas to kill soldiers of our ally Israel? Israel National News reports:

The three IDF soldiers who were killed on Wednesday in Gaza, were killed when explosives detonated within a booby-trapped UN building in Khan Younis,Breitbart reports.

An elite IDF tunnel unit was in the process of uncovering an opening to a Hamas tunnel located at an UNRWA (United Nations Relief and Works Agency) health clinic when all of a sudden the explosives detonated, causing the entirety of the building to fall on top of the soldiers.

Neither the UN nor UNRWA have commented on the incident that resulted in the deaths of three Israeli soldiers, according to Breitbart.

This latest incident comes in the wake of the discovery of Hamas rockets in three UNWRA schools, only to have UNWRA give the rockets back to Hamas. The UN is demonstrating clear support for Hamas in many ways.  For example, the UN immediately joined the propaganda war by blaming Israel for a strike on a Gaza hospital, which it was later reported was from misfired HAMAS rocket. 

UNWRA and the UN also failed to comment on the loss of Israeli life at the booby-trapped, missile stock pile they allowed in their school.

UNRWA -- the UN Agency dedicated solely to helping Palestinian “refugees” -- has 30,000 employees; all but 200 are Palestinian.  And we, the U.S. taxpayer, support them with almost a quarter of a billion dollars a year!  We pay for food, education and housing, and all sorts of other services like personal loans, irrespective of financial need.  We have perpetuated a welfare monster – an entire terrorist mini-state on the U.S. dole. 

Since there are only 30,000 Palestinians alive today who were displaced by the Arab war against Israeli in 1948, that’s a one to one staff to refugee ratio.  Of course, for the Palestinians there’s a special definition of being a refugee and qualifying for money -- no it’s not for life, it’s for the generations, and it makes no matter if you become the citizen of another country. (2 million Palestinian ‘refugees” became citizens of Jordan.)  It doesn’t matter how much you earn, or if you own a mansion. 

We are now supporting the fourth generation of Palestinians.  They need only have one-eighth of a connection to Israel, that is, one great-grandparent who once worked in Israel (not lived there, worked there – and part time counts). They are still entitled to your money.  The U.N. even defines Palestinians as refugees who always lived on the Arab side of the 1949 armistice line.  There are supposedly 5 million Palestinians whom we owe.   

In contrast, U.N. international staffing for all other refugee services in the world is less than 6,000 people – that’s for  126 countries such as Sudan, Somalia, Syria, and in Africa – where there are genuine refugees in need of emergency food and housing.  The most staff any one country gets is 437.  Yes, 437 compared to 29,800 for Palestinians.  Other people only get to be called refugees until they are resettled somewhere.

Where are our fiscal hawks?  Where is Ted Cruz’s golden tongue?  Senator Rand Paul, this is a case for you.  Here’s a beautiful example of international involvement we could do without.

The festering sore of the Palestinian grievance industry could not exist without American dollars.  We pay for their schools and their housing. Gaza lives on American welfare.  It is time to cut them off.