Huge majority of Americans want the illegal alien kids to go home

A new Economist/  poll shows that the overwhelming majority of Americans believe the issue of illegal alien children flooding across US borders is serious and almost as many want them deported.

Washington Examiner:

A huge majority of Americans, 81 percent, believe the new immigration crisis of unaccompanied children streaming over the U.S.-Mexico border is serious, and almost as many want them gone -- some even if it's not safe to return, according to a new poll.

In an Economist/ survey, however, the public isn't heartless in how they view the plight of the children, with 66 percent expressing sympathy for their situation that drove them north, where U.S. Border Control officers are catching the new arrivals for immigration processing.

But while there is an understanding among many Americans that some of the children are fleeing violence in El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala, a majority, 57 percent, believe the illegal immigrants are coming to America because they believe “that the U.S. government is or will be granting amnesty to undocumented immigrant children,” said the new poll.

The poll is the latest to show that the nation doesn’t believe the president’s immigration policies are working. And it is proof that most want the flow of illegals into the United States slowed or shut off.

While 77 percent said they want the illegals returned, there are different degrees in how fast it should be done. For example, 10 percent said that Border Control should just return the children to the Mexican border. Another 32 percent said that the children should be returned home “regardless of conditions in their home country,” and 35 percent said they should be returned “only if” conditions are safe.

And for those allowed to stay temporarily, the public is split evenly on whether unaccompanied children should be housed in their state or in another state.

Democrats have repeatedly said that the immigration issue will redound in their favor. Since most Democrats have expressed the view that the illegal alien children should stay in the US, and their expressed opposition to any changes in the 2008 law that allows the Central American children to stay while their cases are heard would mean their virtual amnesty, these numbers might suggest that they aren't in such good shape as they think they are.

In fact, as the school year starts and many communities feel the pinch in their school districts from this mass migration to the US by children, it's likely the issue will become even more prominent in the 2014 mid terms.

That can only help Republicans and hurt Democrats.