Honk if you're ticked off

Per CNN, journalist Jose Antonio Vargas travelled to McAllen, Texas, “to show solidarity with the surge of people, many of them children, traveling alone entering the U.S. illegally.”

Who is Jose Antonio Vargas, you ask? Via Breitbart

He describes himself as “the country's ‘most privileged’ illegal immigrant.” According to CNN, “he is a Pulitzer Prize winning former journalist” who entered the United States illegally from the Philippines when he was 14-years-old. Three years ago Vargas announced his illegal status in a piece in the New York Times. As of this writing, he was being detained at the border.

Vargas admitted that his celebrity and "visibility, frankly, has protected me." He said that "while hundreds of thousands of immigrants have been detained and deported in the past three years, I produced and directed a documentary film, Documented, which was shown in theaters and aired on CNN less than two weeks ago." He also co-founded an advocacy organization for illegal immigrants. 

OK. I’ve got to say a quick word about this before I move on. What kind of crazy, upside-down country is this when having increased visibility protects a person from deportation? Unless someone qualifies for asylum, shouldn’t any and all people who are here illegally be deported? Visibility should help the DHS and INS identify people that much more quickly. But then again, it’s an Obama world (though I’m not sure things were much different under Bush on this point).

Many are up in arms about the fact that Vargas has been detained – perhaps no one so much as this woman, described by the media as the “detained activist’s undocumented friend.” Not knowing her name, I will refer to her as DAUF.

DAUF (who, by the way, is in a rage) also entered the United States illegally at the age of 14. Standing in front of the microphone demanding that Vargas be released,  she announced (or to be more specific, yelled) that after finishing Middle School she went on to finish High School in three years. She has two Master’s degrees but cannot “exercise” them. I’m not entirely sure what that means, but I’m guessing it has to do with the fact that she can’t get a job related to her areas of expertise because she doesn’t have papers.

She is calling for “administrative relief” and says families are “tired.”

Tired of what, you ask?

“Tired of being caged within this border….Tired of being caged between international borders and the checkpoints.”

DAUF is angry and has demands: “This is a cage! And the time is now! The time to free our families is now!”

Where to begin?

First, Ms. DAUF, you might say a word of thanks. That public school education you’re so proud of was paid for by U.S. taxpayers. I have no idea where you got your master’s degrees or how they were paid for, but if public funds were involved, a gracious word of thanks would be appropriate.

Second, stop screaming! If you’re angry, be angry at your parents for putting you in this untenable position.

Third, quit with the sanitized verbiage. “Administrative relief?” Come on. Just spit it out. You want amnesty for all illegals. And I’m guessing you have no problem with the current flood of folks streaming over the border either, though can’t say for sure.

Finally, I’m begging you! Stop with the “cage” analogy! If living illegally in the greatest nation on earth for years and years and not being deported feels like a cage, then please go elsewhere.

If you feel caged because you have illegal status I can only presume you have no idea what a cage is. When you enter this country illegally you are entitled to nothing.

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