Don't let the truth get in the way of your reporting

Like rockets from Gaza that shoot at Israel 24/7, ignorant media reports on the war just keep coming. It leaves one breathless trying to keep up with the barrage of sheer stupidity, at best. Blatant Jew-hatred at worst.

The Washington Free Beacon reports on a Sean Hannity interview with Charles Krauthammer:

Columnist Charles Krauthammer condemned what he called “rank ignorance” among U.S. media outlets that have harshly covered Israel as the Jewish state has battled the terrorist group Hamas this month.

No kidding. Except it’s not just U.S. media outlets. It’s media the world over.

An AFP piece on Saturday that popped up on the Yahoo news feed ends with the following:

The conflict in Gaza, which erupted on July 8 when Israel launched a vast aerial campaign and followed that with a ground offensive, has killed more than 1,000 Palestinians, 40 Israeli soldiers and three civilians inside Israel.

So Hamas continues to wage war against Israel. And the media continue to do so, too. In this case, the AFP places the blame on Israel for initiating the violence. It does not seem to occur to anyone at the AFP that this conflict did not begin with Israel’s actions. It began with Hamas. And their rockets. And their terror tunnels. And their Charter. And their pledge to destroy Israel and kill every last Jew.

But, hey. Those are just small details, right? There is no room for truth if it impedes the smooth functioning of the propaganda machine that runs day and night, churning out libelous garbage.

Bonjour? Truth to liars, over. Hello? Hello? Can you read me? Over.

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