Collateral Damage

We have seen the pictures of thousands of Central American children and young adults huddled in crowded processing centers, sleeping on floors, looking bewildered and generally in miserable conditions. We all feel for these poor people and the misery they encountered on their journey north and in this humanitarian crisis in which they now find themselves. 

But these unfortunate people we see on television are actually the lucky ones. What we are not seeing is the countless thousands that did not make it to the border of America. Lord only knows how many hundreds or thousands of children in recent weeks have been intercepted on their journey by wrong doers or used by the cartels for other means. We must ask ourselves how many children have been exploited along the way, having been raped, murdered, or are now permanently enslaved to an unthinkable life of misery. This tragedy is the direct and predictable result of the policies of a so-called compassionate president, his complicit Democrats, and their adoring cronies that make up the modern-day media. 

For all those naive enough to think that their president is a good or decent man, think again!  The misery suffered by the countless thousands is nothing more than collateral damage to Obama and the Democrats in their quest to maintain control of government. Their goal is to gain a large class of government-dependent Hispanic voters. More specifically, Democrats believe that they can swing the state of Texas to democrat control with this strategy, thereby achieving perpetual victories in national elections. To Obama, these people are expendable – mere pawns in their twisted political game; considered to be nothing more than the cost of doing their political business. 

Indeed, the blood, the pain, the suffering, the misery, the deaths are all at the hand of Obama. And only Obama can stop this bleeding with nothing more than one speech. If Obama cared or had any decency, he could announce that these folks will be returned to their families in their native lands. He would further announce that he is sending national guardsmen to provide immediate additional border security, and that he will take more permanent steps to secure the border once and for all.

Obama’s open-border policies have instigated this human tragedy and it can be corrected by taking away the incentive that these policies have created. Over the past few years Obama has repeatedly proclaimed that the border is more secure now than it has ever been; so, if he simply lived up to his word, a great deal of additional misery could easily be avoided. However, the greater issue is that this president’s words are meaningless, and his never-ending quest to impose upon America a leftist ideology of government control is boundless.

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