California town becomes ground zero in illegal alien protests

Last Tuesday, several hundred residents of Murietta, California turned out to protest the dumping of illegal alien children at a processing center in their town. They managed to block the buses carrying the illegals and forced them to turn back.

For that, they were villified as racists and "anti-immigrant" bigots.

While HHS has not attempted a repeat of their actions, pro-immigration reform activists have swarmed into the area to contfront the protestors. The two sides spent the 4th of July demonstrating with a few scuffles breaking out.

LA Times:

Amid raucous clashes that have disrupted the Border Patrol's ability to process a wave of young Central American detainees and escalated the national debate over illegal immigration, protesters on both sides in Murrieta on Friday found some common ground: agreement that the U.S policy is in need of retooling.

Hundreds of people gathered on the road to the federal processing facility, just as they had Tuesday, anticipating another convoy of vehicles containing immigrants who had crossed the border in Texas. But by late afternoon there had been no repeat of the demonstration that blocked three busloads of immigrants, mostly women and children, from making it to the Border Patrol station.

Amplified by bullhorns and spelled out with hand-lettered signs, the sentiments of many from both factions who turned out Friday heaped blame on the federal government.

Salvador Chavez of Los Angeles — standing with immigration rights supporters on one side of Madison Avenue — said the dysfunctional way the U.S. deals with those who are in the country illegally was the overarching issue.

"Both sides agree with each other, but we have totally different beliefs" about how to solve the problem, he said.

Local resident William Isaacs, aligned with those on the other side of the road protesting the processing of immigrant detainees, said the system was broken.

"Somebody up there [in Washington, D.C.] needs to take the lead. But they just keep passing the buck," Isaacs said.

The number of protesters swelled Friday, undaunted by the summer heat, the Fourth of July holiday and a police strategy that mostly kept the groups apart and away from the processing center.

In a reversal from earlier in the week, there were substantially more demonstrators on the immigration-rights side.

Authorities kept the road to the processing center clear and the protesters in check, although scuffles did break out. Murrieta police arrested five people for obstructing officers during an afternoon altercation. One other person had been arrested earlier in the day.

Breitbart is reporting that the pro-illegal activists burned an American flag yesterday, July 4th. Meanwhile, HHS changed their minds about bringing more illegal alien kids into Murietta, driving them to a nearby processing center instead.

The increased resistance to flying the illegals all over the country to process and release them is causing the government to maintain a veil of secrecy surrounding the transfers hiding the number and location of the centers where illegals are being handled. Republicans in congress are demanding more transparency but are being met by a stone wall put up by ICE and HHS.

This kind of arrogance is not inspiring confidence in people of the government's intentions. The protests will only continue to grow until anti-illegal activists see the government doing with it must do; send the kids back to where they came from.



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