Breaking decorum and procedure

When one examines the much referred to “rules for radicals," it is revealed that these “rules” are nothing more than a rude departure from intellectual debate.  These rules do not speak of making cogent points or salient arguments.  They do not encourage fact gathering and how to apply logic with the delivery of those facts.  They do not discuss intelligent engagement.  What these “rules” do is promote the departure from civil discourse. 

We have witnessed the “make it personal” and the shouting down of opposing view points in public forums.  In a nutshell, the “rules” for radicals is “do what ever it takes."

This of course includes intentionally misleading.  (You can keep your doctor, etc., Period.)

The “rules for radicals” is a guide which leads the follower backwards and down the ladder of decency.  They promote a return to exactly that from which modern polite and intellectual debate has evolved “from." They clearly meet the definition of “radical."

Now for the current disregard for the Constitution. This document is the enthronement and the paradigm for governmental operation, crafted by the founding intellects after examining and filtering centuries of governmental history.  It was built upon human experience and constructed with compassionate intellect.

Much as “rules for radicals” dismisses the civil approach to discussion and debate, we now see a similar disregard for the civics of our form of government.  Dismissing and tramping on all that has been built by human experience to be decent and respectful is now the sport of today’s progressive liberals.  Down with polite engagement, compromise, and even the laws.  By ignoring all decorum and procedures honed by the experience of man, the radicals move backwards to implement their agenda.

The current President not only shuns his opposition, he avoids contact with his own party leaders.  Harry Reid prevents intelligent discussion on a litany of House passed bills, thus overriding the workings of our system.

Disregard that which is decent.  Ignore the legacy and progeny of ideas from the previous generations.  Circumvent law and procedure, do not compromise, and regard the oath of office as an inconvenient formality.

Rules for radicals?  Essentially the manifesto avows there are no rules in their world, or laws.


James Longstreet


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