Being heard and staying safe at protests this weekend

In a piece written about protests against open borders and illegals flooding our country scheduled for July 18th and 19th, commentator Matt Bracken kindly took the time to share valuable tips about how to have our message heard, stay safe, and be savvy about the media. I have noted them below. Thank you, Matt!

Cars and parking

Guard your parked cars. Try to park them together. Leave a guard with a camera. If you have conservative stickers on your car it might be keyed or your tires may be slashed.

What to bring

Cameras, especially video-capable cameras and phones

Loudspeakers or P.A. systems

Lots of signs

Poster board, foam core, or other materials to make signs, including jumbo-sized magic markers

American flags

Patriotic clothing

Being heard

Bring loudspeakers or P.A. systems. In all likelihood, the opposition will have them and if we don’t, we won’t be heard. One megaphone beats 200 voices. If the opposition brings a loudspeaker, the police will probably allow it. Once allowed, it's harder for the police to ban our side from using its own loudspeaker.

Connect with the police

Patriot leaders should make contact with the police. Tell them who you are, ask for cell phone numbers and share them. Explain that you are there for a peaceful protest and so on.

Stay safe and be aware of aggressive tactics from the opposition

Expect rough and dirty tactics from the opposition, such as:

A "flying column" of tough guys configures like a tight conga line and comes charging through patriot lines, cursing and hurling accusations of racism. They will knock down old people as they charge through, trying to provoke a reaction by younger patriots in defense. They are trying to get a patriot to punch them. If a fight breaks out, the media will invariably present a biased picture that makes our side look bad. So watch out for these flying columns. Simply let them pass through without blocking them, while informing the police of their aggressive. Do not engage in face-to-face screaming matches. Again, this invariably makes us look bad because the media will focus on a red-faced screaming patriot and they will play that short clip over and over again.

Another aggressive tactic the opposition may use is bringing a cooler full of cold drinks that includes soda cans frozen rock-hard overnight. When these are thrown, even over police lines, serious injuries can occur. By the time you figure out what happened, the contents of the “innocent” soda can has melted.

The opposition may use fake plants carrying signs with highly inflammatory language. You should be ready with signs that say: “Troll” or “He's not with us, he's a plant" as you peacefully stand right next to the plant so your disclaimer will appear in every photo. This sunlight disinfectant usually causes them to run away, but sometimes they get belligerent, so be prepared. Be peaceful and get it all on videotape.