Anti-Catholic full-page ad in the New York Times today

The Hobby Lobby decision has ignited liberals and unleashed their prejudice. And this ad is shameful.

The New York Times has a full-page ad in its print edition today that should elicit protests around the nation (but likely won’t).

Here is a copy from the website of the Freedom From Religious Foundation that wrote and paid for the ad

The photo of the woman at top is that of Margaret Sanger-idol of the pro-choice movement (and the founder of Planned Parenthood) who -- this has been all but erased from the panegyrics to her greatness -- was a proponent of eugenics. She was, in the words of Arina Grossu a “racist, eugenicist extraordinaire” whose role in pushing these Nazi-like laws resulted in more than 60,000 sterilizations of vulnerable people, including people she considered ‘feeble-minded”, “idiots” and “morons.” She also spoke to KKK women’s groups.

But what is worse is this line from the ad:  “All-male, All-Roman Catholic Majority on Supreme Court Puts Religious Wrongs over Women’s Rights.”

Anti-Catholicism apparently is no problem for this group. Should there be a religious test for public office or the highest court of the land? Such a religious test was specifically rejected in Article VI, paragraph 3 of the US Constitution.

But in the Age of Obama respect for the Constitution and the law -- and the views and beliefs of religious people -- are attacked routinely with nary a complaint from liberals.

Unless, of course, the group happens to be Muslim.

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