Another Palestinian 'Day of Rage' but the Quest for 'Peace' Continues

Palestinians in the West Bank have called for yet another “Day of Rage”: A day after Israeli security forces killed at least two protesters amid a frenzied eruption of anger over the fatal shelling of a United Nations school, Palestinian leaders called for a "day of rage" Friday in the West Bank. The call for a massive follow-up to what were already some of the largest West Bank protests in years comes as diplomats scrambled to find [a] cease-fire proposal that would satisfy mortal enemies Israel and Hamas and end more than two weeks of violence that has claimed more than 800 lives, most of them civilians. Never mind that Hamas is using civilians as human shields so that Western media types can photograph Palestinians who are dead or dying; forget that Hamas stores its guns and ammunition in schools, hospitals, and other very public places; and ignore the fact that Hamas uses those public places to launch rockets and mortars at Israel.  Facts...(Read Full Post)