All of this 'fundraising' is really getting old

We know two things for sure about President Obama's foreign policy.

First, the world is a mess.  It reminds you of that school teacher who lost control of her class.  I remember a case like that in 7th grade and it was not a suitable place for learning.   From the Gaza to Iraq, we've got problems that no one would have imagined a couple of years ago.

The latest international mess is a commercial aircraft shot down and 300 people killed.  There were 23 US nationals on that flight and President Obama needs to address the nation from The Oval Office like President Reagan back in 1983, or when the old USSR shot down a Korean Aircraft.

No one should get away with blowing up a commercial aircraft without consequences.  I hope that they are presenting President Obama with some meaningful options.   The US public needs to hear something very serious from their president.

Second, President Obama will do a fundraiser, making another meaningless statement about a serious problem:

"President Barack Obama provoked fury in the U.S. on Thursday by casually devoting less than a minute to the deaths of 295 people aboard a Malaysian airliner, as he began an often jokey 16-minute speech about the need to expand America’s transportation infrastructure."

Franly, I am sick and tired of our "abdicative manager," as Frank Burke called him.   President Obama needs to get in the game or resign and let someone else do the job. We just don't have room for this kind of a president at a time when everything is falling apart or going to hell.


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