Administration mulls offering refugee status to Hondurans

A Fox News poll published yesterday shows that 58% of the American people think that the Obama administration is too incompetent to run the government. Astonishingly, 32% of Democrats think their own president is incompetent.

If this plan goes through, that number will rise substantially.

Seeking to pour gasoline on to an out of control fire, the Obama administration is seriously thinking of setting up shop in Honduras and granting thousands of Hondurans refugee status, saving them the perilous trip through Mexico, but no doubt opening the door for tens of thousands of more illegal alien children to come to America.

New York Times:

If approved, the plan would direct the government to screen thousands of children and youths in Honduras to see if they can enter the United States as refugees or on emergency humanitarian grounds. It would be the first American refugee effort in a nation reachable by land to the United States, the White House said, putting the violence in Honduras on the level of humanitarian emergencies in Haiti and Vietnam, where such programs have been conducted in the past amid war and major crises.

Critics of the plan were quick to pounce, saying it appeared to redefine the legal definition of a refugee and would only increase the flow of migration to the United States. Administration officials said they believed the plan could be enacted through executive action, without congressional approval, as long as it did not increase the total number of refugees coming into the country.

Incredible. Congress will have no say in this? Aren't they the ones who create our immigration policy? Surely, you jest.

By moving decisions on refugee claims to Honduras, the plan aims to slow the rush of minors crossing into the United States illegally from El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala, which has overwhelmed the border this year. More than 45,000 unaccompanied minors from those three nations have arrived since Oct. 1, straining federal resources to the point that some agencies will exhaust their budgets by next month, the secretary of Homeland Security has said.

Many of the children, particularly in Honduras, are believed to be fleeing dangerous street gangs, which forcibly recruit members and extort home and business owners. The United Nations estimates that 70,000 gang members operate in the three nations.

I am not the brightest bulb in the room, but what am I missing here? You make it very easy to claim refugee status in Honduras and this is supposed to "slow the rush" of illegal alien children heading for the border? Doesn't common sense dictate that such action would increase the number of people seeking refugee status? And if they can't get it in Honduras, why not head for America?

So just how would it work?

Children would be interviewed by American immigration employees trained to deal with minors, and a resettlement center would be set up in the Honduran capital, Tegucigalpa, with assistance from international organizations like the International Organization for Migration.

The plan would be similar to a recent bill introduced by Senators John McCain and Jeff Flake of Arizona, who proposed increasing the number of refugee visas to the three Central American countries by 5,000 each.

The McCain-Flake bill would actually reform the refugee designation, making it harder to claim that status. As Mark Krikorian of the Center for Immigration Studies points out, it's ridiculously easy right now to be declared a "refugee":

Mark Krikorian, the executive director of the Center for Immigration Studies, which supports tighter controls on immigration, said that the proposal would increase, not stem, the flood of migrants from Central America trying to get into the United States.

“It’s clearly a bad idea,” Mr. Krikorian said. “Orders of magnitude more people will apply for refugee status if they can just do it from their home countries.”

He added that the proposal would allow people to claim to be refugees from their countries with “nothing more than a bus ride to the consulate. We’re talking about, down the road, an enormous additional flow of people from those countries.”

The preliminary plan could create a thorny challenge for the administration because the definition of a refugee is legally specific, and children fleeing street gangs could have a hard time qualifying.

How on earth can you "prove" you're fleeing a street gang? This is a program begging to be abused with false claims of refugee status from children whose only goal is to get inside the US so that their parents can follow.

No doubt these kids and parents live hard, dangerous lives. But these illiterate, unskliled people, who don't have a prayer of competing for jobs in a 21st century industrialized economy, deserve our sympathy - not our tax dollars. Designating them "refugees" is dishonest and will only encourage more lawlessness at the border.

Ed Lasky adds:

If Obama is allowed to proceed with his plans what nations would be next? Who would he favor with such a dispensation from our laws? After all, millions of Syrians, Afghans, Iraqis, Brazilians and people from throughout the rest of the world can claim to be fleeing crime. Will he allow them into the country as well? Minnesota has plenty of Somalis who have been permitted to settle in America as refugees—and that has caused myriad problems. Where will it end?

With millions of future Democrats as the dynamics play out: amnesty, citizenship, children born on American soil and thus granted instant U.S. citizenship.

Does Barack Obama care about how the rest of America feels about our laws being trampled to fulfill his radical dreams of fundamentally transforming America?

If one listens to James Carville, noted Democratic strategist, “Barack Obama does not really care” about what Americans people think or want . Obama only cares about what he wants.

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