Adding More Inches to the Welfare Beltline

Born in the early forties, my early life was formed around images of WWII.  Then, as an adolescent, it was the images from the Korean War that shaped my views of world conflict and its consequences.  In the mid-'60s it was my turn to be a participant in Vietnam, where I was able to view those events firsthand.  In all those conflicts, some of the most searing images were those showing the effects of war on the civilian populace.  There are millions of images from those years and those wars recording for posterity the sad plight of all those millions of refugees.

But you know what?  I can’t ever recall seeing, either in person or in an image, a fat refugee.  In my remembrance, they have all been gaunt, looking as though their very next step may be into a grave.  These were people dispossessed of their homelands, fleeing political oppression and conflict, seeking the slightest glimmer of hope to regain their freedom and some semblance of normality in their lives.

And to my best recollection, the one trait they all shared was that they were all skinny as rails.

Don’t believe me?  Go back and look at those historical images.  One look at those people, and you can see quite readily that they were in severe physical distress regardless of their political pains.

Now take a look at any of the video coverage or other imagery of the poor Central American refugees seeking asylum at our border.  One striking truth is immediately apparent: many of them are genuinely obese by the actuarial standards imposed on the rest of us Americans by the insurance industry and our federal government.  Most of these refugees look like they’ve never missed a meal in their lives.  Many of them look like they have lived with both front feet in the trough.  It’s glaringly obvious that whatever they are fleeing, it’s not the malnutrition that is usually such an essential component of refugee status.  In fact, I would suggest that, considering the norm, a skinny refugee should be flagged for extra health screening.

So while the Obama administration is bending-unto-breaking every law on the books to carry off this phony children’s crusade, I suppose it’s just a given that federal height/weight and body fat content guidelines will be bent as well to accommodate all these new lifelong Democrat voters and food stamp recipients.  And since all these chubby border-crashers will most likely end up on Medicaid, it naturally follows that Medicaid will have to revise upward their obesity guidelines, which frees up all those already on Medicaid and food stamps to increase their caloric intake, leading to millions of fatter feet in the trough.

Good grief!  What has Obama wrought?