A Quick Stroll Down Memory Lane with Obama. Seven Lies in Two Minutes.

A quick and reflective stroll down memory lane.  The slick orating, teleprompter reading, public misleading new face in politics in full bloom in this video from the archives. I will make our government open and transparent…..that our business is the people’s business. I will make it impossible for lobbyists or Congressmen to slip pork barrel projects into law when no one is looking. Law making will not be done in secret but open to public viewing. No more secrecy. Meetings between lobbyists and government agencies will be placed on line for viewing. The public will have the opportunity to read, on line for five days, bills prior to Presidential signing. Names of corporations and how much money they would get from tax legislation would be made public.  Corporate tax breaks and pork barrel projects will be placed on line with the names of those who asked for them. Seven lies in two minutes.  Should this be submitted to the Guinness...(Read Full Post)