Executions for the Caliphate

While President Barack  Obama (D) babbles about the solid foundation Muslims have bequeathed the US and condemns Israel for defending itself against Muslim slaughter, let us turn to their ignored moral foundation in Iraq.  (remember that country?)  
Jim Hoft of Gateway Pundit has posted ;some truly appalling and barbaric videos of a mass slaughter of young men by the brutal Islamic State.  The victims' crimes?  They were Shiite Muslims who reject a branch of Sunni caliphate; Muslims--indeed the entire world--united under an extreme, primitive Muslim leader. (Video removed by YouTube.)
"Another mass execution of “rawafidh” – those who reject the caliphate."
Sunni caliphate believers rejoiced.  
ISIS supporters cheered the bloody massacre video.
The comments on YouTube were overwhelmingly positive. One supporter called the massacre a “most beautiful Christmas bonus (present).” Another supporter praised the massacre with, “Allahu Akbar!”
Egypt, Iran, Saudi Arabia and Israel are opposed to the inhuman Islamic State. What about the US and Europe? If not, it will soon be happening in their backyards.
As usual Israel is merely the proverbial canary in the coal mine.