You're Covered, She's Covered

The colossal gall of this creepy government -- asserting that they've lost or intend to lose the emails of anybody whose emails are being sought or may be sought -- has been much observed already, notably in these pages yesterday by Thomas Lifson.  Way to go, Lois Lerner.

But one further notion is so wacky, hubristic, and potentially deadly, that to even dream of falling for it could be hazardous to your health.

This government crows like a rooster that it's fully competent, thank you, to assess, approve, and track every bandage, aspirin tablet, and urine sample every physician will ever prescribe or order for each and every American; not to mention his blood work; his full medical and treatment history; his addresses and phone numbers; his insurance policy limits and exclusions and lapses; his mother's hysterectomy; his sister's amenorrhea; his brother's prostate cancer or liver disease; his father's cardiac history; his every x-ray, muscle tear, or sprain; his every balloon angioplasty or stent; and all his children's inoculations; not to mention his every single prosthesis, suture, cortisone shot, impotency treatment; and each stage of his kidney dialysis, or bone marrow transplant prep, or heart valve operation.  All while monitoring and tracing your every call, email, social media posting, and GPS-trackable move you make.

You see, it's only the official emails -- of major government appointees -- that they just can't seem to hang on to.

So, no problem.  Now, what about that insurance you're supposed to be buying?

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