Why Chelsea Clinton doesn't have to care about money

Like mother, like daughter. 

Hillary Rodham Clinton's repeated tale of the horrors of poverty among the one percent are finding an echo in former first daughter Chelsea.   The British paper Daily Mail summed up  the younger Clinton's total cognitive dissonance.

I tried to care about money but I couldn't, says Chelsea Clinton, married to hedge funder, who lives in $11m home, and is paid $600,000 by NBC for doing nothing

And now you can understand why she doesn't care about money--unlike most people, she doesn't have to, money comes soooo easily. In other words, she is a true Democrat.

· *  Chelsea Clinton said in an interview published over the weekend that she doesn't care about money

·  * Her admission comes on the heels of a report last week that she's being paid $600,000 a year to do a smattering of reports for NBC News

·  * She and her husband bought a $10.5 million apartment last spring

·  * Their 2010 wedding cost more than $3 million

·  * Chelsea has three degrees from exclusive universities and attended a private high school

In other words, like her parents, she is a true Democrat.