Time for rich open borders libs to put up or shut up

Two of my favorite authors are thinking along the same lines today. The wealthy liberals who insist that the rest of us must make room for an unlimited number of lawless young border-crossers in need of education, health care, jobs, and places to live in our communities, need to put up or shut up. Their privileged lives are insulated from overcrowded school rooms, health clinics, and job competition.

At Powerline, John Hinderaker takes on Nancy Pelosi’s airy open borders rhetoric:

Pelosi said repeatedly that she wants to take all the kids she has seen in Texas home. Actually, she could: not all, but quite a few of them. The Obama administration certainly wouldn’t stop her from breaking the law. And Pelosi’s various mansions could house quite a few Central Americans. Her husband Paul, the brains of the family, is a very rich man, which frees Nancy to fool around with politics. This is the Pelosi mansion in San Francisco:

Nancy could house 20 or 30 Central Americans there. But that’s nothing. The Pelosi vineyard in Napa Valley could be home to several hundred. Look at the low population density!


In Boston, Howie Carr takes the same tack with Massachusetts liberals:

Let’s start with Gov. Deval Patrick and his Sweet P Farm, located on “77 rolling green acres” in bucolic Richmond. Can I put you down for 10,000 gangbangers, governor? You could rename your spread Berkshire Barrio. Rezone your paradise into Tsarnaev subdivisions. Your future voters would be happy to do their laundry in your pool, at least until they get settled in on SNAP, TANF, WIC, MassHealth, Section 8 and all the other goodies.

Gov. Patrick brags about his support in the “community.” He unilaterally approved giving them in-state tuition at public colleges, which for illegals means free tuition, since paying taxes is against their religion. Deval believes everybody in the world should go to state colleges for free — unless of course they’re taxpaying U.S. citizens from New Hampshire, in which case they’re probably Republicans, so not only should they pay through the nose, but they should also have the IRS sicced on them just on general principles. (snip)

Anyway, Deval is leaving the country tomorrow on his latest junket, to Panama of all places. The governor will be tagging along with Secretary of State John “Liveshot” Kerry. Liveshot is another committed liberal who could definitely take in more than a few dreamers. His second wife’s first husband’s trust fund owns a $9.2-million cottage on Nantucket. If accommodations get a little cramped on Brant Point, he can bus them down to the harbor, where he can bunk the overflow on his $7.5-million yacht, the Isabella. Liveshot could also put up a few hundred more UAC’s in Chez Gigolo, his $6.9-million mansion on Beacon Hill.

Then there’s Sen. Ed Markey. He lives in a gated community in Maryland. As Ronald Reagan might say, “Mr. Markey, tear down this gate!”

How about Sen. Granny Warren? As someone who brags about providing the intellectual foundations of the Occupy movement, she should be clamoring to take in at least a few dozen non-English-speaking 13-year-olds at her $1.8-million wigwam in the People’s Republic of Cambridge.

To use the rhetoric the left favors, the poor and minorities are disproportionately impacted by the flood of disease-bearing, poorly-educated illegal immigrants swarming across the borders. It’s easy for the Kerrys and Pelosis of the world to be generous. How about doing their share? Put up or shut up.


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