This is Obama's Iraq War

For much of his presidency, President Obama has benefited from an overprotective news media that keeps looking the other way and won't confront him.  Can you say Benghazi or the IRS?

Also, the Obama White House has used the "let's show outrage, do nothing, and hope that people will forget" approach to difficult problems.   Can you say "Fast & Furious" or the awful ObamaCare roll out.

He can't pull that off in Iraq. 

First, he does not control events, especially now that Baghdad is next.  You can't put a pretty face on terrorists taking over an Iraq refinery.    

Second, Iraq is just the beginning. Jordan could be next.  The whole region is watching this army of terrorists march from Syria to Iraq without any opposition.

It puts President Obama and the Democrats in a terrible situation, as liberals like Nicholas Kristoff points out:

"I’m flinching at a painful sense of déjà vu as we hear calls for military intervention in Iraq, as President Obama himself — taunted by critics who contend he’s weak — is said to be considering drone strikes there."

How will Democrats react when President Obama orders air strikes without a congressional resolution?

President Obama is in an awful position.  You drop bombs and put troops on the ground.  Or, you can do nothing and hope that gasoline prices don't hurt a weak economic recovery.

President Obama now owns Iraq and it does not matter how often they bring up former President Bush or VP Cheney. 

This is Obama's Iraq War and there are no pretty options.  Add to that a man who is sinking in the polls because less and less people see him as an executive or leader. 


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