The undeclared race war rages on

It should surprise nobody that the tidal wave of racial resentment peddled by the left has resulted in a virtual race war. Unprovoked attacks by groups of young African-Americans on whites (and other non-blacks, particularly Asians) are now a feature of life in many cities. Colin Flaherty, author of White Girl Bleed a Lot and American Thinker contributor, has done more than anyone else to call attention to the ongoing cover-up of this undeclared race war.

The media cofferdam around this racial violence serves to protect the leftists who seek to enflame racial tensions for political benefit. People like Al Sharpton, who denounced “outside interlopers” for opening a store in Harlem, only to have Freddy’s Fashion Mart burned in an arson attack that claimed human life, serve the interests of the left and the Democratic Party, and so instead of being shunned in respectable company, he enjoys visits to the White House and an MSNBC pulpit from which to preach his message.

But the advent of the cell phone video camera is changing the media’s ability to black out (pardon the unintentional pun) news of random attacks. “If it bleeds it leads,” is the mantra of local television news. And so indoctrinated are young people into the virtue of their rage that they even post boastful videos of their attacks to Facebook. Thus, the viewers of some New York City television news shows learned about a horrifying attack on a white woman sitting on a bench minding her own business in Brooklyn’s Prospect Park. (video below), David Li of the New York Post writes:

Three teenage girls were caught on videotape brutally beating a female rival in Brooklyn’s Prospect Park — while several nearby boys not only didn’t intervene, they cheered on the attackers.

The troubling footage, aired on WPIX-TV’s Channel 11, showed the victim sitting on a bench before her attackers set upon her — punching and kicking her and pulling her hair.

Several boys can be seen hovering or passing by — and egging on the rampaging girls.

“Oh, oh, oh yeah, oh yeah!” screamed one boy, possibly the camera operator.

Other young male voices could be heard laughing and cheering during the 29-second recording.

The attackers appeared to leave, then one returned and kicked the victim again in the head with a pink sneaker.

“Oh yeah!” screamed a male voice in apparent approval of the final shot.

Here is the video:


Note that ordinary citizens are horrified. This racial violence is not the work of the majority of blacks, it is the alienated youngsters with no concept of where to funnel their youthful energies in a productive manner, perhaps believing the rhetoric that life is stacked against them, and that it would be a betrayal of their heritage to “act white” and take advantage of the opportunities offered to those who will work hard and self-discipline themselves.

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