Texas man told he can't fly Old Glory because it's a 'threat to the Muslim community'

A Houston man moved into an apartment complex a few days ago and proudly put up an American flag on his balcony.

He claims that the apartment manager informed him he had to take the flag down. The reason given by the apartment manager? The flag represented a "threat to the Muslim community."


A Webster man says his apartment complex manager told him his American flag was a “threat to the Muslim community,” and that he has to take it down. But he’s not giving up without a fight.

Stepping onto Duy Tran's balcony in Webster, one thing is clear: "It means a lot to me," he said.

He's talking about his American flag that he proudly put up when he moved in just a few days ago. But then an apartment manager at the Lodge on El Dorado told him he had to take it down.

"What really stunned me is that she said it’s a threat towards the Muslim community,” said Tran. “I’m not a threat toward anybody."

The reporter asked the apartment manager if Duy Tran's charge was accurate.

We tried to ask a manager if that's exactly what was said, but she just handed us a statement, refused to answer any questions, and called an officer to escort us off the property, before we could press any further:

"While the Lodge on El Dorado admires our resident's patriotism, we must enforce our property rules and guidelines. Such guidelines maintain the aesthetics of our apartment community and provide for the safety of all residents. The apartment community already proudly displays our country's flag in a safe and appropriate manner at the entrances to our community."

The answer is a probable "yes." The giveaway is when she notes that the guidelines are "for the safety of all residents." What possible safety issue is there with the American flag? She also uses the word "safely" when describing the display of the flag at the entrance to the community? Did a Muslim resident complain about displaying the flag? If so, why are other residents allowed to display patriotic symbols?

But we saw other patriotic symbols hanging from other balconies in the complex, and Tran doesn't plan to budge.

"I’m gonna leave my flag there, as an American, until she shows me proof that I don’t have the right to leave my flag there," said Tran.

To Tran it's about so much more than stars and stripes.

"I have friends that died for this country," he said.

So he says this fight is the least he can do.

We have not heard of any residents complaining about any flags at the complex, or any of the patriotic items we saw. In fact, we spoke to several neighbors who say they want Tran's flag to stay.

Good for Tran. The apartment manager's explanation is bogus and he's calling her bluff. We'll try to keep track of this story as it unfolds further.