Scott Walker says he will stand by conservative allies in Wisconsin

Three days ago, I expressed alarm over a report in the Wall Street Journal that Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker was negotiating a deal that would relieve him from any liability in the infamous John Doe secret investigation against conservative groups in Wisconsin, but which might impair the ability of those groups to carry out lawsuits against what appears a case of politically motivated prosecutorial abuse.

Governor Walker has spoken out to reassure the public that he will do no such thing. The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel reports:

Gov. Scott Walker said Friday that he won't back away from key allies amid a continuing secret John Doe investigation.

Walker also expressed surprise with a recent Wall Street Journal editorial that criticized alleged settlement talks between the Walker campaign and special prosecutor Francis Schmitz.

"I'm certainly not going to undermine people who share my same beliefs and I'm certainly not going to undermine anyone's First Amendment rights. I'm frankly kind of shocked for anyone to suggest that," Walker said after delivering a keynote address at Hope Christian High School senior signing day. (snip)

The Walker campaign issued a two-sentence statement Thursday to deny it was in settlement talks.

Hat tip: Legal Insurrection

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