Remember the one about ObamaCare & the deficit?

It's such a "busy news week" that this story did not make the front pages:

"In a little noticed footnote to a report updating estimates of the effects of the insurance coverage provisions of the law, the agency headed by Douglas Elmendorf acknowledged that neither CBO nor the Joint Committee on Taxation could determine precisely how scores of provisions other than the insurance coverage would impact long term government spending. - "

So the CBO can no longer tell us how affordable the Affordable Care Act is!

So let me get this straight.  

The ACA was supposed to provide coverage for the uninsured (it has not!), allow you to keep your current plan (no way!) and have a positive impact on health care spending (not so!).

And these are the people who said that President Bush started the Iraq War on "false pretense"?

Where is the media when we really need them? I see a great opportunity for investigative journalism for any journalist who wants to do his job rather than continue to subscribe to the Obama cult.


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