Obama To America: Screw You

As President Obama revealingly said, politics is about rewarding your friend and punishing your enemies .

The invaluable TaxProf blog notes that Obama has proposed a steep increase for the IRS 
-- a 10.5% budget increase.

The IRS basically has been weaponized by Democrats in the Senate and by Barack Obama to stifle the work of political opponents and restrict the exercise of our First Amendment rights.

Lois Lerner has refused to answer questions in the People’s House (not that the Democrat-controlled Senate would ever subject Obama to scrutiny).

The latest “screw you!” to the American people was the claim that emails sent by Lerner to various government agencies, including the White House and Department of Justice, for a two year period prior to 2011 were lost due to her computer “crashing.”  If the average hard-working American taxpayer gave that excuse to the IRS enforcers how understanding would they be?

The IRS Commissioner John Koskinen (appointed to the post by Barack Obama) had previously assured the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee that these emails had been archived and would be made available for inspection

The IRS has voluminous records stored away on all Americans going back years. The government spends tens of billions of dollars on record-keeping and computer technology. How stupid does Obama thin Americans are? Very stupid.

Yet somehow the IRS just lost these crucial emails (the disclosure was a Friday afternoon news dump, of course).

And now Obama is asking to give the agency a huge bump in the budget, for what?

A job well-done, obviously.

Need you ask?

How about the Just Say No approach?

If the Republicans controlled the Senate, instead of Harry Reid, the power of the purse could be used as a check on Obama’s abuse of the government and the American people.

Time for some real Hope and Change.