Obama criticized for chewing gum during D-Day ceremony

A minor Twitter explosion occurred yesterday during the ceremony commemorating the D-Day landings 70 years ago. TheTV camera caught the president of the United States standing, looking bored, while chewing gum.

Washington Times:

President Obama was caught on camera chewing gum during the D-Day ceremonies in France as Queen Elizabeth II was welcomed, and Twitter feeds worldwide exploded with criticism.

Obama and his chewing-gum. Classy” one French user tweeted sarcastically.

“Not very elegant, the Obama attitude in the middle of the ceremony,” another user said, while yet another added, “Is there anyone who will ask Barack Obama to stop chewing on his gum like a cowboy?”

The words “shameful” and “vulgar” were thrown around as social media networks lit up with outrage at Mr. Obama’s display.

Obama do you want a Coke too while chewing gum while the Marseillaise is being played?” one tweet fumed, in reference to the president’s lack of respect for the French National anthem.

During the second inaugural parade, the president was also caught chewing gum. E.J. Dionne speculated at the time he was chewing Nicorette to fight off the urge to smoke. The president's claim that he has quit smoking might be questioned in light of the gum chewing incident.

But really, couldn't he fight off the urge some other way? For two hours? To honor the dead and respect the solemnity of the occassion? Does he have any idea how it looks for the president of the United States to be chomping away like a two-bit pool hall hustler while the audience, world leaders, and even the media act respectfully and recognize the gravity of the event?

Sheesh. Two more years of this guy.