No way out for Dems and media?

The Democratic Party and mainstream media both bet big on Barack Obama in 2008, and doubled down in 2012. Both institutions wagered that his policies and his purported skills and abilities would benefit America. Now, with scandal and disaster breaking on nearly every front, those bets are coming back to haunt them. Joseph Curl, writing in the Washington Times,  speaks of President Obama’s “terminal velocity,” with the economy in “free fall, ObamaCare being a contributing if not driving factor, and the GOP nominating candidates who can win, and the president looking detached with his compulsive golf habit. He posits that other Democrats find themselves in a no-win situation: Democrats will have nowhere to run. If they flee the president, they’ll look weak, defensive — and guilty. If they back his failed policies, they’ll look even worse. Republicans never cease to amaze at their ability to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory,...(Read Full Post)