Mr President: How is that 'de-Bushing' of the world working out?

Try this later today. Go back and watch some of those "You Tube" videos from the 2008 campaign. It certainly sounds so silly now to watch then Secretary of State Clinton in 2009 promise a "smart foreign policy" in contrast to "the cowboy approach." The Obama world is here and it's very scary, to say the least.    What does that world look like?    The Commentator explains: "From Ukraine, through Afghanistan and Iraq all the way to the East China Sea, the world's dictatorships and terror groups smell weakness in Washington. They have adjusted their posture accordingly.    To be sure, any one of those conflict zones, and all the others besides, were problematic to start with. On that most toxic of all modern conflicts, the Iraq war, we have long been of the opinion that reasonable people can disagree about whether the 2003 intervention was the right course of action or whether...(Read Full Post)