Media barred from border crossing

A border patrol agent told a Breitbart Texas reporter that he had to leave an area next to a border crossing because it was "too dangerous." It also offered a splendid view of the massive wave of illegal aliens poring over the border.

If it is dangerous, reporters are generally big boys and girls and can take care of themselves. So the question is; why all the secrecy?


Spratte said that the area is the only access to Rincon Village and that this is why the area is one of the few without posted restrictions to the public. “It is one of the few places that doesn’t have signs restricting access, and therefore one of the few places in this hotspot where media has the ability to see what is really occurring and relate that to the American public,” Spratte said. “For the past several months in that area, media has constantly come down and we have never had a problem with them being kicked out.”

He continued, "That agent said it wasn’t safe for you to be there, and it isn’t the safest place in the world, but it has historically not been restricted to journalists and it is one of the few places where media can actually see what we are dealing with in this crisis. It seems the agent was either intimidated by the threats from management to be fired or criminally charged for telling media what is actually going on, more than he actually thought your life was at risk to be there.”

Breitbart Texas recently reported on the efforts of Border Patrol management to restrict information leaking to the public by threatening possible criminal charges against agents who spoke to media. 

Spratte told Breitbart Texas that the Border Patrol agents are being placed under immense pressure in the crisis and that they have to follow their orders from above. He said, “A supervisor in the Border Patrol can't just put out a policy, it has to come from above them in the chain, maybe even as high up as Washington.”

“I think the folks in Washington are embarrassed that we have so little control over what is crossing into our nation right now and they don’t want the American public to have pictures or video of this failure, and this ultimately hurts the public and limits the knowledge they have. The public has a right to know what is really going on here,” said Spratte.

The public may have a "right to know" but the Obama administration wants to minimize the problems on the border in the minds of citizens lest they be forced to take action to stem the tide. The outcry from border states would be significantly greater if people were aware of the depth of the problem. As it is, the news can be contained and a general revolt against our immigration laws can be thwarted.