Just How Stupid Does Obama Think We Are?

Two days ago Ed Laky posted an article here on AT titled Obama Thinks You Are Stupid, That’s Why.

For those who would naturally ask “just how stupid does Obama think we are?” it didn’t take long to find out.

According to Team Obama, in this instance fronted by the IRS, we are asked to believe that Lois Lerner’s emails, both incoming and outgoing outside the IRS, were “lost”.

From Ron Fournier at National Journal: "The IRS told Congress it cannot locate many of Lois Lerner's emails prior to 2011 because her computer crashed during the summer of that year," The Associated Press reported.

Let me repeat that, The IRS can’t locate Ms. Lerner’s emails because “her computer crashed.”

I have a sixth grader and a seventh grader and when I posed this dilemma to them they both rolled over laughing.  At the tender ages of 11 and 13 even they understand that email, both inbound and outbound, by definition is not prisoner to the computer from which it either originated, or on which it was ultimately received.  It is transmitted over a vast array of interconnected servers to move from point A to ultimately arrive at point B.  Many call this newfangled contraption the world wide web, or internet. Additionally most organizations have a central email server (SMTP), or, depending on their size, array of servers, through which all email is transmitted.  Al Gore will tell you all about it and if he won’t Wikipedia will

I mean come on, if all else fails, did it never occur to any of these braniacs to engage the NSA?

If nothing else, Team Obama’s lack of understanding of this cutting edge technology may at least help explain why the rollout of the Healthcare.gov web site was such a monumental failure.

I make light of this but an administration that would use the full force of the state to suppress dissent among the citizenry is no laughing matter and the continued success of the wonderful experiment of self governance that is the USA demands that the perpetrators of these crimes against the American people be prosecuted to the fullest extent of what they have allowed to remain of the rule of law.

If a private citizen or business entity was subpoenaed by the government for documentation similar to what the IRS claims to have lost, the principals would be cuffed, perp walked and imprisoned faster than you can say “the most transparent administration in history.”

And that my friends, is exactly just how stupid Mr. Obama thinks we are. 

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