ICE lets contract for 42,000 pairs of oversized underwear

It appears that at least some of the hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens who have reached our border may be fleeing violence but not hunger.

The Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency has asked for bids on "42,000 pairs of white 100-percent-cotton men’s briefs — and are in desperate need of super-sizes like 4,800 size “2X-Large,” 4,800 “3X-Large” and “4X-Large,” and 3,600 “5X-Large.”How does a 450 LB illegal alien get across the border?

New York Post:

The nation’s elastic border is stretching even further. The ICE officials say they also need 2,400 pairs of “6X-Large” underwear — a garment that retailers say can fit someone weighing as much as 500 pounds.

The contract solicitation, requiring delivery within 30 days, was posted June 5.

The items need to be delivered to El Paso, Texas, right at the belly of a wave of illegal immigration.

“We have to accommodate all varieties of sizes since we encounter a global population,” ICE spokesman Carl Rusnok told The Post.

Contracting agent Jason Martin of said he had never before heard of purchasing such large underwear.

“I think 4[X] is the biggest I’ve seen or heard of,” he said.

Casual Male XL in New Hyde Park was selling three-packs of Harbor Bay 6XL men’s briefs for $30 a pack on Monday.

“A very portly guy would wear this,” a store employee said. “It looks like a pair of pants.”

Alan Schlosser, owner of Edward Alan Big & Tall in Commack, LI, called it “unfortunate” that there is actually a “fair amount” of demand for the huge size 6X underwear.

“We do carry the size, and unfortunately, many people wear it,” he said. “Why’s it unfortunate? Because it’s rather unhealthy.”

Anyone ordering such a size probably weighs in at 450 or 500 pounds, Schlosser said.

“I never weighed these people, but I have to assume that’s what they weigh,” he added.

How does someone weighing 450 pounds get across the border? It's safe to say he didn't climb over the fence. One also wonders how we are feeding these thousands of morbidly obese people?

Someone who is 200+ pounds overweight could be classified as unhealthy. Such a person, if given legal status in the US, would be a burden on the health care system and other social services. They can't work. They no doubt need special care.

People so poor they don't even have enough underwear is sad but hardly relevant to whether they should be allowed to stay. Illegal aliens who can't show they won't be a burden on society for whatever reason, should receive no consideration for asylum.

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